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Göteborgs Konsthall




Göteborgs Konsthall continue investigating nordic film beyond the cinemas. In cooperation with Göteborg Film Festival we present a selection of the most exciting new video art from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Island.

Lena Mattsson (born 1966 in Kungshamn) lives and works in Malmö. In her art, Lena Mattsson asks questions about what is beyond the surface, what we actually see and what is instead interpretations of fantasies and assumptions based on social and cultural references and personal experiences.

The Unspeakable is a video installation based on the family and the potential accident that lurks under the happy surface. Family happiness can change quickly as a summer wind. Perhaps life and death go hand in hand in an eternal cycle where all living has a meaning and even the dead help us in our wrestling matches with important existential issues.

Lena Mattsson (SVE) The Unspeakable, (2014) Length 00:03:37

The Unspeakable, HD video triptych (Back Projection)

Installation view from Göteborgs Konsthall 2016 

by Lena Mattsson 

Music: Andi Almqvist


Special thanks to: Konstnärsnämnden/ The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Thanks to all participants in the video installation: 

Per Linde, Siri Linde Mattsson, Eva Karlsson.

Göteborgs Konsthall, Mikael Nanfeldt, Liv Stoltz, Niklas Pohlman, 

Göteborgs Film Festival 

Music: Andi Almqvist

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