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Lena Mattsson



Lena Mattsson is primarily a video and performance artist, but she began as a painter. Her works frequently allude to art history and cinema. In many years, she has had numerous exhibitions in Sweden and internationally, including the solo exhibitions In the Eye of the Beholder at Moderna Museet Malmö, and A Small Fairytale at Malmö Konsthall. She is recognised for her way of highlighting and challenging injustices, faults and conflicts in our society. In several of these works she participates actively, identifying strongly with the most deeply afflicted, and referring them to her own experiences. This highly personal, painterly and poetic interweaving of life and art gives Lena Mattsson’s works a unique expression.


Born in 1966 in Kungshamn, lives in Malmö.


Lena Mattsson
Lena Mattsson

”What is beyond the surface? What is it that we actually see and what is only an interpretation of what we think we see based on our social and cultural references and personal experience? There is always something unnerving about Lena Mattsson’s art. You think you know what you have seen but nevertheless you feel you have witnessed and experienced something else entirely. She is a master in playing with our perceptions and senses. She takes us to a place and introduces us to what often seems as a simple situation but wich turns out to be something quite extraordinary. This duality and tension invest her works with a very exceptional quality. ”


Bera Nordal

Director, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, Sweden

Bo Cavefors, Photo Lena Mattsson

Bo Cavefors; writer, director and last but not least legendary publisher of literary works by Ezra Pound, William S Burroughs, Friedrich Nietzsche, Salvador Dalí and many others. One politically controversial example is the publishing of texts written by the Red Army Faction (RAF), which resulted in litigations and much dislike. The publishing house filed for bankruptcy in 1982. Bo Cavefors tells us personally, about his life and way of living.

Stry Terrarie Kanarie, film still Lena Mattsson

 We get to follow the punk icon Stry Terrarie Kanarie who will tell us about his musical deeds, his love and the money. Stry started the the band "Kriminella Gitarrer" and probably released the first Swedish punk record, "Vårdad klädsel/Förbjudna Ljud". Stry was one of the musicians and songwriters in Ebba Grön and Rymdimperiet, which later became Imperiet. He also started his own musical projects and bands such as Besökarna, Garbochock, Stry & Stripparna, Babylon Blues, Stry & the OlgaMagoo among others. Stry is one of Sweden’s most influential musicians and songwriters and has moved and inspired a number of people with his songs and music from the 70s to today. 

Performance by Lena Mattsson and Per Linde
Per LindE
&Lena Mattsson

Who is that thing?

- Animated objects in performance. by Per Linde

“On her dress she has a body.”

Blaise Cendrars 

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