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The Art Gallery at Bohusläns Museum
Lena Mattsson – Unexpected Visit


Lena Mattsson – Unexpected Visit                                                                The Art Gallery at Bohusläns Museum

11.11 2023 - 17.12 2023

Lena Mattsson mainly works with video and film, where she portrays everyday situations that are transformed and which ultimately make us think about deeper questions in our existence. The film triptych Unexpected Visit is shown in the exhibition.

Lena Mattsson is interested in how our perception relates to being, time and space. With a poetic and sensitive visual language, she touches on existential themes in our lives. A magical realism appears in the works, the seemingly obvious takes on another dimension and the works are filled with a deeper symbolism. The contrast between the obvious and a deeper meaning creates a duality between surface and depth that gives tension to her work.

Unexpected Visit

In the film triptych Unexpected Visit, we see how a child/young person climbs up and down a ladder. The symbolism surrounding the ladder is complex and can be interpreted in many different ways and shows all the changes in life, how the child grows up, develops and is socialized into society and perhaps climbs up the social ladder, and then goes down again. The descent means the opposite and that you have to start all over again – the pendulum swings.

In several religions, the steps are mainly depicted as a transition between earthly life and the spiritual. In her films, Lena Mattsson often works metaphorically and adds different layers of film. In the triptych Unexpected Visit, we can see pictures and environments from Lena's childhood home in Kungshamn as well as other well-known places in Bohuslän, such as Hovenäset, Bohus-Malmön and Smögen. We can also see Lena Mattsson's grandfather peeking past. The work can be seen as a metaphorical and poetic journey in past and present. The music for the video work was created by Conny C-A Malmqvist.

Another Brick in the Wall

Outside on the museum facade, the work Another Brick in the Wall is projected, which can be seen during the dark hours of the day. The work depicts a crying woman, where the tears seem to turn into something else? The scene is repeated at a fast pace and refers to the vulnerability of women worldwide. There, feelings are expressed that deal with oppression, lack of freedom and even tenderness, but also a sadness about the situation in the world. Lena Mattsson's work opens up simultaneous events in interior and exterior spaces in both the past and present. Also in this work, the music was created by Conny C-A Malmqvist.

Bohusläns Museum
Projection on the museum's brick wall by Lena Mattsson, music Conny C-A Malmqvist.
November 11 to December 17 at 4-10 p.m

About the artist

Lena Mattsson was born in Kungshamn in 1966 and works in Malmö. She is primarily a video and performance artist, but began her career as a painter. She is also active as a curator for contemporary art. Mattson's own works often refer to art history and film and are in an intense conversation with both the present and history.

She is educated at Målarskolan Forum, now Malmö Art Academy and has shown her works, films and video installations at a number of exhibitions around Sweden and the world, including at the Moderna Museet Malmö, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö Art Museum, Nordic Watercolor Museum, Skärhamn, Nässjö Konsthall, Göteborgs Konsthall, Borås Museum of Modern Art and Island of Light, Smögen and The Art Gallery at Bohusläns Museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Museum for Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Metropolitan Art Museum, Pusan, South Korea and many more.


Lena Mattsson, installation view Unexpected Visit 2023,

music Conny C-A Malmqvist, The Art Gallery at Bohusläns Museum.

Photo Hendrik Zeitler

Lena Mattsson, installation view Another Brick in the Wall 2023,

music Conny C-A Malmqvist, Bohusläns Museum.

Photo Hendrik Zeitler


Oväntat besök i Bohuslän


Från den 11 november har du som är på västkusten möjlighet att besöka utställningen “Unexpected Visit” av Lena Mattsson på Konsthallen, Bohusläns museum. Utställningen pågår till den 17 december.

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Lena Mattsson tänjer på gränserna med sin konst – ställer ut på Bohusläns museum


Kultur & Nöje

Hon har avbildat Bo Cavefors naken på en tallrik och suttit utanför socialdepartementet i politisk protest. Men framför allt är hon mest känd för sin unika videokonst som visats i allt från New York och Tokyo till stora klippväggar på Smögen. Nu är konstnären Lena Mattsson hemma för en utställning på Bohusläns museum.

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Glenn Glicko Andersson

Missa inte Lena Mattssons utställning ”Unexpected Visit” på Bohusläns Museum 11 november - 17 december.

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Två videoverk av Lena Mattsson från Kungshamn på Bohusläns Museum

11 november invigs två videoverk av Kungshamnsfödda konstnären Lena Mattsson på Bohusläns museum. Hennes "Another Brick in the Wall" kommer att lysa upp museifasaden i höstmörkret, medan det andra verket "Unexpected Visit" kommer visas inne på museet.

Tryck på länken och läs mer.

Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine - Lena Mattsson

Interview by KAJSA RHODIN

Lena Mattson’s impressive artistic career stretches through decades including numerous appearances in renowned institutions around the world. In her work life itself, that which is private to us and memories are woven together. The experienced reality shares the same surface as the recounted. One feels that the works are abstractions of the culmination of (perhaps) specific events that show neither their beginning nor their end. So they invite us to relate and connect.

LONDON DIRECTOR AWARDS - Interview with Lena Mattsson 2024.

Special thanks to London Director Awards and all participants in my film works and artistic works.


Please click on the link and read the interview.

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