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Rest in peace Bo Cavefors!

Uppdaterat: 29 apr. 2021

Moderna Museet Malmö is showing Lena Mattsson’s video triptych

In the Eye of the Beholder, about Swedish publisher and author Bo Cavefors.

In the Eye of the Beholder was originally made for the exhibition I Want to Hold Your Hand at the Borås Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition presented thirty or so Swedish artists that had been inspired by different kinds of rock music. Lena Mattsson interpreted it: “Bo Cavefors is, in spite of his claim of being totally unmusical and belonging to another cultural field, a person who, as we say in Skåne, rockar fett (totally rocks)!”

In the film Mattsson is examining the rock’n’roll myth: “All three video pieces are synchronized to a surreal rock’n’roll video triptych that envelops the viewer and both visualizes and illuminates the myth”

The exhibition opens Saturday, January 18th at 4 pm by a speech by museum director John Peter Nilsson and shortly thereafter an artist talk between Lena Mattsson and Bo Cavefors will take place in the cafe at Moderna Museet Malmö.

Curator: John Peter Nilsson

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