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Film documentation of "Perception of time and space" by Lena Mattsson at Island of Light, Smögen

Uppdaterat: 22 dec. 2021

Lena Mattsson Perception of time and space Monumental audiovisual projection in 3 parts by Lena Mattsson at Island of Light, Smögen 12-15 September 2019 Music: Conny C-A Malmqvist

Film documentation: Stella Jaskoviak Åstrand, Lena Mattsson Still picture: Malin Nilsson Editing and sound: Lena Mattsson Music: Conny C-A Malmqvist

Copyright: Lena Mattsson 2019

Lena Mattsson's new films "Perception of time and space" are site-specific and edited to be projected on the islands of Hästen, Vallevik and Smögens cliffs to collaborate with the shape and historical context of the red Bohuslän granite cliffs. The films reveal the common identity that we share in the experience and memory of the landscapes we come from, which in this particular case is also her own origin.

While highlighting the natural and cultural landscape, and the importance of the environmental aspect for its survival, the films problematize a romantic nature experience through various distortions, interpretations and questioning of the original site. Instead, we are allowed to enter as visitors into a magical world, a place poetry that can only be understood in an interweaving of history and present where we acknowledge humility for nature and for each other.

Lena Mattsson is an artist, being born and having grown up in Kungsham, “Gravarne”, at Tången in Springet. She partially has her origin in the famous stone cutter family Lundgren, who has created many well-known stone sculptures for many established artists. Her grandfather Helge was one of the Lundgren siblings, who early on began cutting stone as to provide for the family. Helge, who was a stone cutter until his too early death, is part of one of the movies. Being a stone cutter was hard life, if one wants to know more about the Lundgren family one can read one of the books from the author Arne Lundgren, for example ”Sprickorna i fars händer”.

The music to ”Perception of time and space” by Lena Mattsson is composed by the musician Conny C-A Malmqvist.

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